CWAP Notes

This is a collection of my notes that I'm taking while studying for the CWAP-402 exam. You might notice that I break things into smaller chunks. I've found this makes it easier to focus on a topic when taking the notes, and easier to find the note afterward as well.

Also, please note that some of these notes are taken quickly to get the information down. While others I might go into more "essay-format." It's purely on the topic, content, and my mood while reading that portion of the book.

Lastly, you may find little tidbits of humor thrown in here and there. Just because I'm studying doesn't mean I can't have fun! I always like looking back at my notes and seeing a funny (to me at least) note or line that I tossed in that I had forgotten about. It also sometimes helps me remember certain things.

Note Index:

Chapter 1- Troubleshooting Methodologies
Chapter 1 - Troubleshooting Tools
Chapter 2 - 802.11 Communications - Bits/Bytes/Segmentation/Encapsulation/etc. REALLY brief
Chapter 2 - MAC & PHY
Chapter 2 - Data Units, their names and roles
Chapter 2 - Physical Layer Operations - In Depth... or at least deeper
Chapter 2 - 802.11 Communications
Chapter 2 - Beacon Frames
Chapter 2 - Scanning Methods
Chapter 2 - Terms from CWNA to Review
Chapter 2 - 802.11 State Machine
Chapter 2 - State Machine Story
Chapter 2 - Inter Frame Space (IFS)
Chapter 2 - 802.11e and WMM
Chapter 2 - WLAN Architectures
Chapter 3 - Ethernet Frame Formats
Chapter 3 - 802.11 Frame Types
Chapter 3 - 802.11ac Frame Fields
Chapter 3 - 802.11ac Frame Fields - Frame Control
Chapter 3 - Important 802.11 Frames 
Chapter 3 - Security Communications - Brief

**I'm going to do my best to keep this updated as I add notes.**

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