About Me

Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting my little corner of the Internet!

I've been around the IT industry for over a decade. I started on the sales side of things, and have since moved onto the engineering side. As my career shifted towards the engineering side of things, I began delving into Networking, and from there, into Wireless Networking. WiFi has since become a passion of mine. I've started on the CWNE track, and have passed both my CWNA and CWDP certifications.

On a personal side of things, I'm a husband and father. I enjoy running, cycling, hiking, skiing and generally being outside.

This blog is absolutely a product of the gentle persuasion of the WiFi community. The members of this community are very social and incredibly open to sharing their knowledge. It's my strong opinion that wireless networking wouldn't be where it is today without them. Personally I have gained an immense amount of knowledge, insights, and tips from them. It has also helped continuously fuel my passion for WiFi. So in that spirit, this is my small contribution back to that community that has given me so much.


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