Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Aruba InstantOS 8.5 - Finding the Default Password (Serial Number)

Recently I was doing some lab work with some AP’s running InstantOS 6.4.2 and decided to upgrade them to Instant 8.5. Going through the upgrade was quick and painless. However, once I was up to Instant 8.5, I decided to clear the configuration on the AP’s in order to remove any of the prior lab configurations that I had done. When the AP’s came back up, I was surprised to find out that the default password was no longer working. It turns out that with InstantOS 8.5 the default password is now the Serial Number of the AP. This put me in a bit of a predicament because the AP’s I was working with were remotely located. Due to this, I had no way of physically finding the Serial Number of the AP.

To get around this you need to be able to console into the AP and power cycle the AP (disabling then re-enabling PoE on the port works.) As soon as the AP begins to boot watch for the below to appear.